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17th September - My birthday!

Today is my birthday...It's almost over though....!! It was the best birthday ever...I am so happy today....and guess what happened today. I got a call from some random landline number. When I picked up the phone, someone was playing 'Happy birthday' on guitar. I didn't know who it was but that gesture made me feel really special. And later someone was singing 'happy birthday'. I couldn't recognize the voice. When the person wished me birthday and stopped singing, I asked him who he was. He asked me to guess. I could not! I requested him to break the suspense. He said "RV speaking. How was the surprise?" I almost fainted! Was it really RV? I was blushing. He was the first person to wish me. He called me at 12 midnight. What could be a better day? I had least expected a call from him. He talked to me for 15 minutes. I did not attend any other call during that time. I could have ignored the whole world for that conversation. Luckily, my family came with a cake and some gifts after I had disconnected the phone. When I slept, I had a huge smile on my face. Palak (we share the same room) was staring at me, surprised.

Morning was good and I went to the college all dressed up. My friend and classmate Taru wished me with a bouquet of pink roses. It was beautiful. That was not it! When I went to my class my friends surprised me with a chocolate cake. It felt good. But that cake was meant to please my skin, hair and clothes rather than my stomach! Oh what a mess I was in! My face was covered with chocolate and RV and Aanchal (a friend) held me by my hands and made me take a round of the whole college with that face! To embarrass me more, all my friends were following me everywhere and singing ‘happy birthday’ all the while. People were staring at us. But I didn’t mind the embarrassment because RV was holding my hand. I was glad that my red face had been hidden by the brown chocolate. But later, I had to spend 2 hours in the saloon to get that mess on my face and head cleared!

After college I had a party organized at a disc called Ice cubes. The party was organized jointly by my classmate Rashmi and me. Her birthday also falls on the same day. We had invited some thirty people to the party. I had invited all my friends and some seniors from the dramatic society as well. RV was coming! I wore a bottle green coloured halter dress and got my otherwise curly hair straightened. I knew I was looking good. As always, I was late for my own party. Rashmi was so annoyed with me. Ha! Ha! But what a grand entry I made

RV and Suchit were to come by Suchit’s bike.  When Suchit saw me he said I was looking sexy. RV said I was looking pretty. Ahh..I felt like it was the best day. We all danced a lot. I danced with RV also. RV had a camera. He clicked photographs of everyone. I got some pictures clicked with him. RV gifted me roses, chocolates and a teddy bear, everything that I like. When the party was over Taru and some friends told me that RV had been staring at me all the time at the party. I felt butterflies in my stomach but I did not believe Taru. I said to her, “Oh come on! It is not possible. That guy and staring at me? You are probably mistaken.” They tried to convince me that I had been the center of his attention all the time. I just ignored what they said because I did not want to have any expectations. The beautiful day finally came to an end.

But just as I had reached home, RV called me up again and greeted me once more in the same way as he had done yester night.  And now he sends me a message.  A childish yet sweet poem dedicated to me.  Why is he doing all this? Is this feeling mutual? I am so looking forward to what tomorrow has in store for me. This time is fun and exciting and my 19th birthday is my best birthday ever!


  1. No wonders your charm is working on RV.....good luck with that !!! i m excited too to know what's next....


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