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RV's Birthday

Yes! I was the first one to wish RV on his birthday. I had planned to surprise RV with a cake and I told Palak my plan. But such a meanie she is! She told Shruti about the plan and all of RV's classmate brought a cake for him. I didn't even come to know about this plan. I was so pissed, seriously! I was in my class and RV called me. I couldn't obviously pick up the phone. He called me again and i had to switch off the phone. He called on Isha sharma's number. You might be thinking Isha is my name. So who is this other Isha. Well, she is a very good friend of mine and my classmate. She is also a part of our group. Isha also couldn't attend his call. 

When the lecture was over and we went to the canteen all of our friends were already there. Palak came to me with a piece of cake. I was furious, "What? You guys already cut the cake? And couldn't wait for me? All this was my plan and you ditched me?" I knew my anger could reveal my feelings so I let Isha shout at them. She specifically shouted at RV. "Rohan.. Are we not your friends? Why couldn't you wait for us to come?" RV was trying to convince us that he wanted to wait for us but couldn't, "I called you both so many times. All the 'anantians' were waiting for me to cut the cake. I couldn't do anything." He looked stuck. Ha! Ha! Poor RV. He wanted to celebrate his birthday with all of us so he proposed to take us to some food outlet in Cannaught Place (CP). Isha and I were behaving so rudely. I said I wouldn't go with him and he could take his other friends he had cut the cake with. Same was Isha's answer. Palak tried to persuade me and finally I agreed. But Isha seemed to be more angry than me. No one could understand why. I was her best friend then so i tried convincing her. It took a lot of effort on my part to convince her. 

We went to CP by metro. The place he wanted to take us to was a few kilometers from CP. Suchit said he knew the way and we didn't need to take an auto. So we all followed him. Hmm the outcome was that we lost our way and were wandering on the streets. During this time Abhinav and RV were discussing something secretly. Isha and I asked them what they were talking about. RV didn't open his mouth. Isha begged Abhinav to tell what it was. Abhinav told us that there was a girl in RV's colony who has a crush on him and she had gifted him something. The gift was in his bag.What if Abhinav was telling us the partial truth? Maybe he has a girlfriend. Maybe he likes her too. What if he is committed? So what? I am not even serious about him. Honestly, I was a little jealous. But I did not react much. I could not react much! Instead, I was teasing RV. Isha was doing the same and she acted as if she was angry with RV because of that girl. Now why is Isha reacting like that? Does she also has a crush on RV? I am confused. But let it be! I don't care. He does not like me the way I do so I cannot think about him so much. Today was a nice day. His birthday! In the evening we all sat in central park and had a lot of fun. This life is good! Friends, crush, outings. I just love it!

The Dram Soc!

Its been a few days since I have written. I was so busy with college that I did not get the time to write. Waise bhi nothing very eventful happened. But today was great. Our college's dramatic society's session commenced today. So many people have joined the society. There are people from different courses. The members, 'Anantians' as they call themselves, are so cool. There were no auditions. Anyone could join the society. I loved the session today. The session was at 2:30 P.M., after classes. They asked all of us to perform something. I was so nervous and everyone else seemed to be so confident. But finally when it was my turn I enacted Amitabh Bachhan...funny..!

Palak also went to attend the session with me. Not that she is interested in acting or anything, she just wanted to join something and this is the best society of our college. The seniors are all very nice. Ahem... RV was also there. He was looking cute as always. There were other people from Our other friends Abhinav, Suchit and Kashif have also joined this society. We are all a group. Some girls from my course also attended the session. I was sitting with Palak all the time. They all sang songs during the session. The seniors asked everyone to sing a song. RV is an awful singer! My goodness..the way he sings. He wasn't singing when they asked him and when they said everyone had to know what was his song? "Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Re"! Disgusting it was. We all were laughing hard. And when he was asked to act, he acted like a drunk man. He acts nicely. He was in his school's theatre society too. My school didn't even have such a society...Huh!

But the sad part was that he never even looked at me during the session. And he left immediately when the session ended. He is so stupid. Guys in my school used to stay back to chat with girls but this guy is different. but anyways, I see no progress. We have talked and hung out together in the last few days but never alone. We are always with our group. Ohh....It is 12 midnight and it is 5th September. Its RV'S birthday! I am going to call him now. I want to be the first person to call him. Ohh crap! I am leaving!


Does he like me?

I am so excited to tell you something! Today something totally unexpected happened. RV and I were sitting watching the fashion society’s practice session and I don't know what suddenly passed RV's mind. He almost kept his head on my lap. I stared at him with mixed expressions of astonishment and anger. He suddenly realized his mistake and sat back straight!  He gave me an embarrassed shy smile. I blushed for a second and then pretended as if nothing had happened. Now what was that? Is he giving me a hint? Or am I just overreacting? Whatever it was, it made me feel good.
After the session I was talking to RV when Palak came searching for me. She had a questioning look on her face when she saw me with RV. I am keeping my feelings undercover because I do not want RV to know anything. Well, I trust Palak but after all she is his classmate. If by any chance he comes to know that I have a crush on him, that arrogant guy will start avoiding me. I know such guys. They can be so mean! Palak started teasing me secretly, “What’s going on that I don’t know about, haan?” I explained things to her, “We are just friends you see. We have so much in common. Whatever you are thinking is total crap. RV and I? Never! He is so weird looking. He is not my type. I told you that day what I think about him.” She seemed to be quite satisfied with the answer and did not ask any more questions. That was a great relief for me.
All three of us sat in their classroom, chatting. Well most of the time I am in their classroom sitting with their friends. Yes, I have friends in my class but their class is more interesting. Those are the people I connect with. I never even sit with my classmates. But I have made a few good friends in my class too, Aditi and Sneha being the best ones. Sneha has a crush on one of these seniors. He is a member of our college’s dramatic society. Well, you know what? RV and I are both interested in joining the dram soc. I am waiting for the new session of the society to commence. See I told you, we have so much in common! Anyway, coming back to the topic, Palak started talking about some random boring stuff. RV and I were both not interested in what she was saying. I was busy thinking about RV. I know, I know! He was sitting next to me but I still could not  stop thinking about him. I was also wondering what RV was thinking about. Was he thinking about me? No, not possible! RV changed the topic and started talking to me about modeling. Then Palak asked us to show her some catwalk. We both, like school kids, agreed to it. She played some music on her phone and  all of us arranged the desks and started walking as if we are walking on the ramp. And my goodness! RV’s walk is so funny. I couldn’t control my laughter. But he looks so cute even that way. I mean he looks cute all the time, but he was looking super cute while walking.
College is not that boring after all. It is good. I am actually enjoying it! But not telling someone about your crush is so difficult and not very happening. When you see a person and you heartbeat increases and you cannot help smiling. But when you cannot reveal your feelings, especially share your crushes, you do not feel very good about it. I have not the least idea what will be the result of this. Maybe just a crush and nothing more? I see no future but this feeling of liking someone tickles me. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow…!



You know what..RV is a good friend now. We have many common interests. He likes modelling. He wants to be in the college fashion society. I wanted to join the same till I saw that society...It is pathetic! Do they even have some fashion sense? me! But the one good thing about this college is RV. Our seniors were practicing today for the freshers' party and RV and I were sitting there, watching the fashion team. And amazingly the members of the fashion society are the same seniors I was talking about the other day. The arrogant girl and that silly guy who wanted to know my name! But they are all nice to me now. 

Anyways, RV is good but I still find him peculiar. He has a world of his own he is always lost in. Ha! Ha! He is a funny guy. And I don't know why he is always running away from girls. And the funniest thing is I always find him standing outside the principal's office and whenever I ask him the reason he has an excuse to give instead! But these are the things that are drawing me more towards him each day. I cannot let this happen to me. We are so different. and moreover, he will never like a girl like me. He doesn't even show any interest in me. 

Today the seniors were holding auditions for Mr. and miss. fresher and we both were sitting there waiting for our turns. But he seems to be the least interested in me.To start a conversation I asked him "When is your turn?" and you know what his reply was? He said why did I care. Huh! This is so humiliating. Ya, ya, as if he is the only guy left on this planet. Someone go tell him that he is as smart as he thinks he is.Whatever! Even I am not thinking about dating him or anything. He is just a crush.....Well yes! He is just a crush.....I guess!