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RV's Birthday

Yes! I was the first one to wish RV on his birthday. I had planned to surprise RV with a cake and I told Palak my plan. But such a meanie she is! She told Shruti about the plan and all of RV's classmate brought a cake for him. I didn't even come to know about this plan. I was so pissed, seriously! I was in my class and RV called me. I couldn't obviously pick up the phone. He called me again and i had to switch off the phone. He called on Isha sharma's number. You might be thinking Isha is my name. So who is this other Isha. Well, she is a very good friend of mine and my classmate. She is also a part of our group. Isha also couldn't attend his call. 

When the lecture was over and we went to the canteen all of our friends were already there. Palak came to me with a piece of cake. I was furious, "What? You guys already cut the cake? And couldn't wait for me? All this was my plan and you ditched me?" I knew my anger could reveal my feelings so I let Isha shout at them. She specifically shouted at RV. "Rohan.. Are we not your friends? Why couldn't you wait for us to come?" RV was trying to convince us that he wanted to wait for us but couldn't, "I called you both so many times. All the 'anantians' were waiting for me to cut the cake. I couldn't do anything." He looked stuck. Ha! Ha! Poor RV. He wanted to celebrate his birthday with all of us so he proposed to take us to some food outlet in Cannaught Place (CP). Isha and I were behaving so rudely. I said I wouldn't go with him and he could take his other friends he had cut the cake with. Same was Isha's answer. Palak tried to persuade me and finally I agreed. But Isha seemed to be more angry than me. No one could understand why. I was her best friend then so i tried convincing her. It took a lot of effort on my part to convince her. 

We went to CP by metro. The place he wanted to take us to was a few kilometers from CP. Suchit said he knew the way and we didn't need to take an auto. So we all followed him. Hmm the outcome was that we lost our way and were wandering on the streets. During this time Abhinav and RV were discussing something secretly. Isha and I asked them what they were talking about. RV didn't open his mouth. Isha begged Abhinav to tell what it was. Abhinav told us that there was a girl in RV's colony who has a crush on him and she had gifted him something. The gift was in his bag.What if Abhinav was telling us the partial truth? Maybe he has a girlfriend. Maybe he likes her too. What if he is committed? So what? I am not even serious about him. Honestly, I was a little jealous. But I did not react much. I could not react much! Instead, I was teasing RV. Isha was doing the same and she acted as if she was angry with RV because of that girl. Now why is Isha reacting like that? Does she also has a crush on RV? I am confused. But let it be! I don't care. He does not like me the way I do so I cannot think about him so much. Today was a nice day. His birthday! In the evening we all sat in central park and had a lot of fun. This life is good! Friends, crush, outings. I just love it!


  1. When you like somebody and you haven't expressed your feelings till then you relate everything to that person...evry1 around seems to be in love with the same person...could relate to that feeling of yours lol..keep enjoying it!

  2. really worth a read....good job u can take up to forming novels out of this story...this is a very general and day to day happening love story but has been penned down in a marvellous way.....the language pushes one to dig deeper into the story and relates to every one around us......really.....u should plan to tk the nxt step 2wrds a novel....


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