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The Dram Soc!

Its been a few days since I have written. I was so busy with college that I did not get the time to write. Waise bhi nothing very eventful happened. But today was great. Our college's dramatic society's session commenced today. So many people have joined the society. There are people from different courses. The members, 'Anantians' as they call themselves, are so cool. There were no auditions. Anyone could join the society. I loved the session today. The session was at 2:30 P.M., after classes. They asked all of us to perform something. I was so nervous and everyone else seemed to be so confident. But finally when it was my turn I enacted Amitabh Bachhan...funny..!

Palak also went to attend the session with me. Not that she is interested in acting or anything, she just wanted to join something and this is the best society of our college. The seniors are all very nice. Ahem... RV was also there. He was looking cute as always. There were other people from Our other friends Abhinav, Suchit and Kashif have also joined this society. We are all a group. Some girls from my course also attended the session. I was sitting with Palak all the time. They all sang songs during the session. The seniors asked everyone to sing a song. RV is an awful singer! My goodness..the way he sings. He wasn't singing when they asked him and when they said everyone had to know what was his song? "Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Re"! Disgusting it was. We all were laughing hard. And when he was asked to act, he acted like a drunk man. He acts nicely. He was in his school's theatre society too. My school didn't even have such a society...Huh!

But the sad part was that he never even looked at me during the session. And he left immediately when the session ended. He is so stupid. Guys in my school used to stay back to chat with girls but this guy is different. but anyways, I see no progress. We have talked and hung out together in the last few days but never alone. We are always with our group. Ohh....It is 12 midnight and it is 5th September. Its RV'S birthday! I am going to call him now. I want to be the first person to call him. Ohh crap! I am leaving!


  1. Now, don't tell me you joined the drama society because of 'RV'!

  2. Zui No. i have mentioned that i always wanted to join dram soc


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