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Does he like me?

I am so excited to tell you something! Today something totally unexpected happened. RV and I were sitting watching the fashion society’s practice session and I don't know what suddenly passed RV's mind. He almost kept his head on my lap. I stared at him with mixed expressions of astonishment and anger. He suddenly realized his mistake and sat back straight!  He gave me an embarrassed shy smile. I blushed for a second and then pretended as if nothing had happened. Now what was that? Is he giving me a hint? Or am I just overreacting? Whatever it was, it made me feel good.
After the session I was talking to RV when Palak came searching for me. She had a questioning look on her face when she saw me with RV. I am keeping my feelings undercover because I do not want RV to know anything. Well, I trust Palak but after all she is his classmate. If by any chance he comes to know that I have a crush on him, that arrogant guy will start avoiding me. I know such guys. They can be so mean! Palak started teasing me secretly, “What’s going on that I don’t know about, haan?” I explained things to her, “We are just friends you see. We have so much in common. Whatever you are thinking is total crap. RV and I? Never! He is so weird looking. He is not my type. I told you that day what I think about him.” She seemed to be quite satisfied with the answer and did not ask any more questions. That was a great relief for me.
All three of us sat in their classroom, chatting. Well most of the time I am in their classroom sitting with their friends. Yes, I have friends in my class but their class is more interesting. Those are the people I connect with. I never even sit with my classmates. But I have made a few good friends in my class too, Aditi and Sneha being the best ones. Sneha has a crush on one of these seniors. He is a member of our college’s dramatic society. Well, you know what? RV and I are both interested in joining the dram soc. I am waiting for the new session of the society to commence. See I told you, we have so much in common! Anyway, coming back to the topic, Palak started talking about some random boring stuff. RV and I were both not interested in what she was saying. I was busy thinking about RV. I know, I know! He was sitting next to me but I still could not  stop thinking about him. I was also wondering what RV was thinking about. Was he thinking about me? No, not possible! RV changed the topic and started talking to me about modeling. Then Palak asked us to show her some catwalk. We both, like school kids, agreed to it. She played some music on her phone and  all of us arranged the desks and started walking as if we are walking on the ramp. And my goodness! RV’s walk is so funny. I couldn’t control my laughter. But he looks so cute even that way. I mean he looks cute all the time, but he was looking super cute while walking.
College is not that boring after all. It is good. I am actually enjoying it! But not telling someone about your crush is so difficult and not very happening. When you see a person and you heartbeat increases and you cannot help smiling. But when you cannot reveal your feelings, especially share your crushes, you do not feel very good about it. I have not the least idea what will be the result of this. Maybe just a crush and nothing more? I see no future but this feeling of liking someone tickles me. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow…!


  1. I am eagerly waiting for 2mrw tooo !!!! I totally understand that feeling...I had it too...those butterflies in ur stomach...smiling for no reason and ur crush no matter what he does or say always seems to be right and cute..u wish like sharing everything with him sabse pehle...hehehehe

    loving your "LOVE DIARIES" keep writing...waiting for next...

  2. I don't sit with my classmates either!


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