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Revelations..part 2

.. I had to tell him. I knew that just one message would change everything for us and for this relationship. But I also knew that this couldn't go on forever. So I messaged back, "I want to confess. Please forgive me for whatever I have to say." He replied, "Yes, go ahead." It seemed as if everything around me was forcing me to tell him the truth. "I lied to you about my past. I have had many relationships earlier. I told you I was committed only once before you came into my life. But it was a lie. I have had many boyfriends. I hid my past because when I came to college I wanted to leave my past behind, I wanted to start afresh. But my past is haunting me till date." I expected to get a shocked reaction in reply. But instead what I got was not what I had imagined. "I know all your past already. I came to know everything after 1 month of our relationship. But I wanted you to tell me the truth. And I was waiting for the day when you would. But you never told me and today I had to force it out of you. Tell me everything about your past and present, every single detail. And I don't know for what reasons you hid your past and don't expect me to trust you on anything." What followed as a dreadful conversation. I tremble even at the thought of it.