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You know what..RV is a good friend now. We have many common interests. He likes modelling. He wants to be in the college fashion society. I wanted to join the same till I saw that society...It is pathetic! Do they even have some fashion sense? me! But the one good thing about this college is RV. Our seniors were practicing today for the freshers' party and RV and I were sitting there, watching the fashion team. And amazingly the members of the fashion society are the same seniors I was talking about the other day. The arrogant girl and that silly guy who wanted to know my name! But they are all nice to me now. 

Anyways, RV is good but I still find him peculiar. He has a world of his own he is always lost in. Ha! Ha! He is a funny guy. And I don't know why he is always running away from girls. And the funniest thing is I always find him standing outside the principal's office and whenever I ask him the reason he has an excuse to give instead! But these are the things that are drawing me more towards him each day. I cannot let this happen to me. We are so different. and moreover, he will never like a girl like me. He doesn't even show any interest in me. 

Today the seniors were holding auditions for Mr. and miss. fresher and we both were sitting there waiting for our turns. But he seems to be the least interested in me.To start a conversation I asked him "When is your turn?" and you know what his reply was? He said why did I care. Huh! This is so humiliating. Ya, ya, as if he is the only guy left on this planet. Someone go tell him that he is as smart as he thinks he is.Whatever! Even I am not thinking about dating him or anything. He is just a crush.....Well yes! He is just a crush.....I guess!


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