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Everything messed up!

"Whhhhhaat? Are you serious?" I was amazed when Palak confessed that she had started liking someone else. "I don't like RV anymore. He is a friend now. Just a friend. You know what..The moment I met Sakshi's classmate I forgot everything else. He is a great dancer. You should have watched the way he dances. When I went in for the dance auditions today, I fell in love with him at first sight. But I stepped on his toes while dancing. That was so embarrassing you know. But he is so cute." She said everything in one breath. I could feel her excitement once again. 

I am so full of different emotions. How can she? Such an abrupt change? Whats in her mind? I seriously cannot figure out anything. But I am happy at the same time. Finally I won't be feeling guilty anymore.. But I wasted two days for Palak's sake. Yesterday I was trying to find a solution to get  Rohan out of my mind and today I was talking to Rohan only about Palak. And she says they are friends now?!?! Uhhh! I made a fool of myself. Silly me! Everything is so messed up in my head.

Today in college when I sat in the corridor with Rohan. I asked him, "How do you find Palak?". "Ya she is a nice girl" was his careless reply. I figured out easily from his answer that he did not think much of Palak. He found her nice but nothing more than that. He mimicked her lazy behavior sometimes but that was all! okay, I am going to take the credit of praising Palak more than was needed in front of Rohan. But now i feel how useless it was. 

My thoughts are wandering in different directions. I do not know what to think, what to feel, what to do? In fact, I have no idea what to write. I am confused. Do i seriously like Rohan? Am I happy because Palak likes him no more? Or am I angry with her? How can I like a guy I met only two days ago? I definitely cannot share this feeling with anyone. Its so strange its happening. I have liked guys earlier but nothing like this one. I was fascinated by him even when I found him so arrogant. I didn't even know him then. And I do not believe in something that is called blah and blah at first sight! Why am I even thinking about all this? I have other things in my life. Why this? I am not thinking about this anymore!

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