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Comedy of 'an error'

Life is unpredictable. Just when my life was perfect, it started falling apart; and just when I started believing that nothing was going right, I took a left...Ha! Ha! No, actually things have started falling in place. RV has started accepting me as a part of his life, again. I don't know if it is my patience that worked or his love for me that did the trick. He spends all his spare time with me these days. He sits with me and not his friends when he comes to college. 

That day, he held my hand after a long time. He has always resisted feeling my slightest touch in these few months but that day was different! All of the students again went to a news channel for some program and RV asked me to come. This time RV took the front seat in the cab and thankfully, did not sit with any of the girls. Palak and I had a lot of fun during our 'outing'. It was only after dusk that we came back and sitting in the cab at night and listening to similar music reminded me of the trip. RV had again occupied the front seat in the cab which was an Innova. I was sitting in the middle seat of the middle row. RV had turned around to talk with us. Amidst all this, he held my hand and gently caressed it. I could feel my heart beating real hard. I did not want that moment to end. The moment was just so perfect. I have captured it inside my heart. That day he hugged me as well. I hadn't foreseen a day so beautiful. His presence just made me forget everything else.

Today,  I unraveled a new side to RV. He can also get possessive. I find it somewhat sweet because I always wanted him to be possessive and he never was. We completed four months of our relationship today on 3rd March, 2010. It was not a big deal for me this time. Well, deep inside it was a big deal but I had suppressed that part of me explaining to myself how lame it was to celebrate every month of the relationship. Actually the real reason was that that RV had not shown any interest on this date of  the previous months except for the first month. 

Today I had planned to meet an old friend, Varun,  who is studying in IIM Bangalore and is staying with his parents in Delhi for a few days. I knew this day would not be special to RV so I just ignored the occasion. As usual, RV and I met in college and sat together in the canteen after classes. In the afternoon, I told him I had to meet a friend of mine in half an hour. He gave no reaction. After that RV's attitude changed. Like always, his unanticipated behaviour was driving me mad. I was asking him over and over again, "What is up with you? What's wrong?", and in return his only answer would be, "Nothing at all. I told you I am fine." After my constant failed attempts to get him to share his problems with me I got so frustrated that I repulsively threw away my phone. After throwing my phone I remained still for a few minutes but when I saw RV giggling, I stood up and went to pick up my phone. It was crushed..broken! Oh shit! What was I to do without my phone. RV was mocking me. I asked RV for his phone. I telephoned Varun and informed him that I wasn't coming. I thought RV would tell me to go meet him but he was silent. 

I was surprised that RV wanted to be with me so badly. I was happy because after a long time RV was so keen on spending time with me and disappointed at the same time because I could not go to meet such a close friend. Anyway, RV and I went to the park we always sit in and there also, occasionally I would ask him what was in his mind. He changed the topic every time and talked about other stuff. Now, I did not mind his silence because he was holding my hand and sharing other things about his career and life with me which he hadn't done in a long time. When it was time for both of us to leave we did not want to part. But I had to go to my relatives' place because it was weekend and I did not want to spend it alone in that PG.

 Well, I was phone-less now and was travelling alone in a bus. I had an old phone with me which was in a bad condition but I did not take notice of till I was safe and secure in my relatives' house. i did not even switch it on. I was so happy spending my lone time in the bus thinking about RV that I forgot there was a world with people who were worried about me. When I reached my destination and switched on my phone, it suddenly got flooded with messages from RV and Palak. She had asked me to call her. She told me to talk to RV because he was worrying about me and had called her a hundred times asking about me. After that I received a message from RV. I informed him that I had reached safely. It was then that RV told me the reason for his dismay. His message to me was, "Today is 3rd March and you forgot all about it. We were finally together on this date after three months and you wanted to spend this day with your friend." I wanted to bang my head against the wall after reading the message. I tried explaining things to him in the next few messages but all in vain. I was laughing like a loser kid. RV buried the matter then and there but seriously, here I sit writing and still feeling hopeless!


  1. Pyar bhari baatein !!

    Such a red blog you have :D
    Just wish you and RV all the best... :)

  2. umm.. ignoring frnds..tch tch uhh ooh

  3. awwwww how sweet :) really loved reading it

  4. gv sparx - it is all about love! :P

  5. ooohh i really love this article frm a deep heart...!!!

  6. nice one .........i like the girl BCOZ she is nt mind the way boy replied to her.

  7. awww.. kid :*

    keep loving your guy :) your love is pure like a river..

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