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Valentine's day

Valentine's day...A day to celebrate love, a day to spend with your loved ones.But in India this day does not hold much relevance. Some people are totally against valentine's day. Some do not celebrate this day and some go to the extent of not letting others celebrate this day. RV falls in the last category. According to him this ‘GenX' is stupid as to be making merry on a day made by the Europeans and for the Europeans.

I don't understand these kind of orthodox ideas. We are stupid for celebrating Valentines Day, just because it did not originate in our country and is not Holi or Diwali. Why don't people understand the deeper meaning of this day. Another thing some of my friends say is 'love does not need a day to be cherished.’ But the reality is love does need a day too! It is not like the old days when people had ample time for their loved ones. Now no one has time for anyone. Everyone is busy in their own lives. Everyone prioritizes other things. People have started taking love and loved ones for granted.

Now take RV for example. He does not have time for me anymore. We hardly talk. He is busy making his career. I understand that is important but what about us? Is that important to him no more? What is wrong with him. I celebrated Valentine's day with Palak. Both of us had no one to go out with.

We both wanted to enjoy this day. We have been celebrating the entire week. We exchanged roses on Rose day, chocolates on chocolate day and even hugged on hug day. I know I sound gay but I had no other option. I have never had the chance to have fun on Valentine's day before. I thought this year would be different. I had expectations. So to avoid RV's thoughts I went to the mall with Palak. We had lunch in Pind Balluchi, we went to a disco and danced a lot. 

In the disco, a guy asked me to be his Valentine. I told him I am committed but he would not believe me because I was not there with my boyfriend. He got down on his knees but the most I could do was tell him my name. He was embarrassing me in public. I wanted to get rid of him so Palak and I left the disco. That was an end of a nice day spent but I was missing RV. He doesn't even receive my calls. 

My faith in him his fading. I am not sure if he loves me. He criticizes the way I am, the way I behave and everything else. What is wrong with him? I have to prepare myself for anything that happens. Till now I had never even dreamed of breaking up with him. But now anything can happen. If I do not prepare myself for worst circumstances, I'll ruin myself. I'll have to be practical and open to everything that comes my way. This is not a fairytale!


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