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New year

31st of December. It will be a new year tomorrow. This year has been the best year of my life. It has given a lot to me...a wonderful college, best friends and...RV! Everything has been so perfect. But even gods envy a person who is blessed with a perfect life. This year is ending on a bad note. Suddenly, things have taken a turn for the worse. RV does not talk much to me these days. I don't know what's wrong. The only connection between us is internet. No phone calls or anything. I haven't seen him since long. It all happened after his exams got over and the winter break began. Even when we chat online, he is rude to me most of the times. I try to be as calm as possible. I still behave in a polite and nice way because I don't want to upset him or fight. I don't want to lose him. But Its like...I don't know him anymore. He doesn't behave like the person he was...or he pretended to be. He doesn't share anything about his life with me.  He doesn't tell me what is happening in his life. He is not interested in what is happening in my life. He doesn't want to know anything. He does not ask me anything. Even if I tell him something, he is so disinterested. So I have stopped telling him everything. Earlier, he used to ask me everything that happened during the day. But now he is not bothered. I feel sad. I don't know what's wrong. He seems to be irritated with me all the time, as if I am an intruder in his life.

To avoid such negative thoughts, I usually go somewhere with friends. Thank God, they are with me. I have my sister and best friend Palak to share everything with. I have Riya to support me. I have Suchit and Kashif to hang out with. All of them are there. And I am not the only one with problems. Riya is also not very happy with her relationship. Yesterday she was crying. Though it was for a very illogical reason. Suchit and Kashif are best friends. They hang out together. Kashif has no girl in his life but Suchit has Riya. Now Suchit hangs out more with Kashif than Riya. So Riya is very unhappy about it. She thinks that Kashif is gay and he wants to control Suchit. Yesterday she said, "Kashif is gay and he is going to turn Suchit gay in no time. Suchit fights with me because of Kashif." I couldn't do anything other than consoling her and telling her that she was being stupid. I specially went to her house only to discover that this was the silly reason she was sad about. Suchit is a very good friend of mine but I cannot tell him what Riya thinks. I can only advice him to take better care of Riya.

But right now, I am worried about my own relationship. What is wrong with him? Does he love me no more? Why is so indifferent towards me? Was everything between us fake? All I can do is be a bit tolerant and wait for the answers of my questions.

It'll be new year in an hour but I am not going out tonight. For the first time I'll stay at home and celebrate this new year peacefully in my room, reading a book. Suchit asked me to accompany him to a party but I don't feel like going anywhere without RV sometimes. It feels so empty without him. Please be the same old RV again..


  1. hmm well dnt wry.. evrythng will be alryt.. he wil be bak again.. bak as in bak to his old RV nature.. give him sumtym.. oderwse u knw it all hes all urs :) ;)


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