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My perfect life

10 days have passed since our return from the trip but everyone still seems to be thinking about the trip all the time. We have "legendary tales" to narrate to everyone who was not lucky enough to be on that trip. Everyone has been congratulating me ever since. It feels good. College life is just what I had seen in movies and dreamed about. How can God shower so much happiness on someone? My life is just perfect. Perfect friends, perfect love and perfect college. Everything is bright and lovely. And you know what..Some people are even jealous of my life. They say so to me.

Nothing great happened in these 10 days but we have been practicing for our dramatic society's birthday. It's birthday is tomorrow and we are celebrating it with all the anantians and the ex anantians. Everyone will be coming. Even the founder of Anant. I am performing on a romantic song with Suchit. We have been practicing for days. It is obviously a slow and romantic dance. I wanted to be RV's partner but he had already chosen a senior as his partner and moreover, he wants to present a funny and comic act. I have no idea why Suchit did not chose Riya as his partner. But, by what Riya says, I assume they have "ego issues". Well, RV has seen our dance and he does not have any problem. I accept that I like to make him jealous but I completely love RV's broad mindedness. He is so cool about everything. And this relationship has brought us closer. He is so caring and romantic. He is the perfect guy...Loyal, loving, caring, funny and the list goes on. We still spend hours together. 

But the other day his elder sister discovered about this relationship. Few days ago, I gave him a call. He said he was with family so he would call me up at night. I waited for his call but after sometime I went to sleep. By now you must have realized how important my sleep is to me. :D So he called me up at 3 in the morning and I did not answer the phone because I was sleeping. He sent me a message which said, "Can I call you now? I am missing you and I really love you?" But he did not get a reply to this message so he sent me two more sweet messages which were somewhat similar. When I got up in the morning I again regretted sleeping.

When we met in college he said that his sister had seen those messages and had saved my number in her mobile with the name "girlfriend". I found it a little derogatory but I did not tell him what I thought. So he said he would not attend my calls at home from now on. I was a bit furious, but again, I did not show my resentment. I hope his sister forgets about me soon. But I don't care that much. I know I am smart enough to hide this from my family. I don't want to tell any of my family members about this relationship as of now. 

Now I am tired and sleepy. We have a party tomorrow. So i need rest and energy to perform. I wish I have some beautiful dreams tonight just like the beautiful life I have. I really thank God for all his gifts.And I love you RV..!

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