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Love and more

I am studying a lot these days. Well, my exams are after a month and I usually start studying two days before my first exam but this time I have nothing else to do. It is exam time for B.Com people and as you know, I have no friends in my course. So I have no other option left. I don't have much people to hang out with or talk with because of my group's exam. So I just study all the time. I keep a book by my side all the time and the first thing I do when I wake up is open my book and start reading. I study all day long and then go to bed. 

They are left with just two exams. I don't get to talk to RV much. He attends my calls sometimes when he is not studying. I know some seniors from his course so I keep telling him what's important and what not. That in one of the reasons he attends my calls.

It has been more than a month now and I know him even better. One thing that I have understood about him is that he is very calculative. He knows what he wants and how he'll get it. Whatever he does has a purpose. If he is nice to someone..that too is because of a reason..some selfish reason. 

But I am confident about one thing.,.that he loves me! And that has got no selfish reason. We completed 1 month together on 3rd December. I wasn't expecting anything from his side because for guys 1 month is not a big deal and also, he does not contact me much due to his exams. I was a bit upset a night before because I would not get to talk to him on this special night but at 12 in the night I got a text message. It said, "Congratulations. I love you a lot and will always be with you. We have completed one month together. I am missing you." I was so happy. He remembered. That was so sweet. He has always been successful in surprising me. I just love his ways. He truly loves me. I wish this stays forever...and forever it will stay...We are two bodies one soul.

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  1. Life is a game of one day. Present survive our life and from past we teach, future exist in dreams. No one is perfect in this universe except God who is the creator of every moment. Self realization is right path to erase all sorrows and in positive attitude you can feel the real JOY.


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