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College tomorrow

Finally, the day I was waiting for is here! Tomorrow I am going back to Delhi. I want to meet RV. He maintained his word. He did not talk to me for 15 days. Well, he talked me but he was in touch with me only through social networking site, Orkut. We used to exchange scraps and everything but he never did attend my calls. And he has not been online for the last four days. He did not even wish me this Diwali. I am doubtful now. Did he really miss me? I am so eager to go back to Delhi and ask him the questions that have been haunting me ever since I left Delhi. I do not have much to write today. There is a lot running in my mind. I don't know where to start from. I kept poking RV and reminding him that I am there because I was afraid...insecure..I want him to miss me.

And the other thing I have to think about right now is the street play. In a few days I'll be performing for the first time. Akhil bhaiya told me that we'll be doing this play in some government school. I am so excited. I'll be  acting in front of so many people for the first time. Waiting for tomorrow...

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