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A lot coming ahead!

I am soo busy these days. In a few days I'll be performing for the first time. Anant is to perform in a government school, as I told you. Basically, it is a street play (nukad naatak) and our theme is PAISA (money). Well, I don't have a very special role, but as they say, every role is important! But RV's role is totally awesome. And he delivers it even better! He is playing a woman. WOW! and when we see him we just can't help laughing. He is so dedicated that he concentrates only on his work when we are practicing. He doesn't even talk to me. And that reminds me to tell you what I didn't. 

Yes, he did miss me! I was so relieved and happy when he told me that he missed me. I came back to Delhi a few days ago and I directly went to attend the session. RV was already sitting there. He saw me and smiled. I smiled back. When we had some free time, he came to me and said hello. Honestly, I did not expect to get such a "cold" reply. But later when we were sitting in the park he said, "I should have hugged you when you came. We met after so long and I just said hello." I shyly replied, "No, it is alright. You don't have to do something because you think it has to be done that way because we like each other. Do it only if you feel like." Well, he changed the topic after that. I asked him if he was ready to start a relationship now. He requested me to have a little patience. He said he is waiting for the right time I don't know what does he want and what is he thinking. What does right time mean? I sometimes don't understand him at all.

Anyways, I was talking about the street play. So we are working hard. It is extremely hot and we practice in the ground. I am so excited. Our play is on the 1st of November. On that very day we also have a college trip..A trip to Manali. Suchit and Abhi are interested to go. Riya also wants to go. Everybody is confused. Sometimes they say they'll go and sometimes they say they'll not. Lets see what they decide. I'll go only if these guys go. My classmates are totally hopeless. Don't expect much from them. I am damn sure they'll never go. Ofcourse, their "boyfriends" won't be there. Waise bhi I won't enjoy with them. RV won't be going though. He has a debate competition on 2nd of November. He is a champion! He has won so many prizes in debate competitions. I wouldn't have known it had it not been the day when he came back to college with a certificate in his hand. He had secured the first position. I was amazed. I did not know RV would be this talented. I was so overwhelmed that I hugged him tightly in front of everybody. I could see him blushing. He was speechless for a minute. He! He! But now I am disappointed that he won't be there in the trip but I know that he won't listen to anyone..not even me. He'll do only what he wants to. So what? I have a life! I'll enjoy with him...or without him. Hmm....a lot coming ahead!


  1. will it be continued?/lovely and vivid :) NIce read :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @rachit - yes this is a story in continuation and it will be the whole story....thnks for appreciating :)

  4. @S B - i didn't receive ur comment

  5. You must archive this work and get in touch with a few publishers like Rupa n Co.

  6. divya di - i will try to :)


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