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Coming closer

Everybody knows about RV and me. They keep asking me questions like, "Hey, are you guys dating?" "Who proposed?" "When did it all start?". I just have one answer for everyone, "We are not in a relationship. We just LIKE each other. We want to know each other more." Though I would love to be in a relationship with RV right now but he says he wants to know me better before starting anything serious. We spend hours chatting and talking about our lives with each other. He sits with me till late in the night. We like spending time together. And everyday he comes to drop me home and leaves only after hugging me. This feeling is just so pure. It feels like I am loving for the first time, although it is not so! Neither is it RV's first love nor is it mine. I don't care how many relationships I have been in. That is all past and I have buried it all. I don't feel it is necessary to tell RV about my past. What I care about is the present..because RV, unlike the other guys, means a lot to me. I become a kid again when I am with him.

RV is not expressive and sometimes totally insensitive, yet I know that he cares a lot about me. And he even becomes possessive now. Finally, I have achieved it! Today Riya (another Anantian) and I were flirting with Raghav (that has become my favorite past time i guess!) and RV stopped me from doing that. Surprisingly, I felt good about it. 

Even I got jealous today. After the session all of us were sitting in the ground when Isha suddenly went to RV and sat on his lap. Riya and I stared in amazement. What was she trying to do? She even tried holding RV's hand and when she realized I was watching she suddenly withdrew her hand. I was  furious. Being my friend, how could she do that to me? After that Riya and I deliberately teased RV and passed offensive comments. "Yeah RV, how nice of you. You don't want to hurt anybody so if a random girl comes to you and politely asks you to have sex you can't possibly deny, right?" RV was embarrassed. He started giving explanations. He said that she was not sitting on his lap. I knew he was trying to defend himself. But after that he surely did one thing...stayed away from Isha!!!! 

Tomorrow we are all going to attend IIT's fest. The senior Anatians have booked a bus. I am looking forward to this one day with RV and ofcourse all the Anantians because day after tomorrow I am leaving for my mother's house in Chandigarh for 15 days...!

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