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Last day!

He won't talk to me for 15 days. I feel the reason he has given is somewhat lame! He said, "I want to make sure that my feelings for you are strong enough. I want to test my love or liking for you. This is the best time as you are going to Chandigarh and I won't have to come across you everyday." Huh! I am going to miss him real bad. And I am getting insecure now..too many things in head..what if he doesn't really miss me? What if he feels he doesn't want to enter into a relationship with me? Everything will be over. 

Anyways, what gives me some hope is that that today's day was beautiful. RV was really upset that I am going tomorrow. He wanted to spend the whole day with me alone, without interference from anybody. I felt so important. Though I had to spend time with others as well. I couldn't help it! I'll miss all my friends and I wanted to be with them too. We are social animals and we cannot survive without lots and lots of friends. There is not just one person in our life. Moreover, I didn't want everyone to talk about RV and me! So I avoided being alone with him. 

We went to IIT today. We had a lot of fun. A bus was arranged and we all met near the college campus. When I sat in the bus, RV came and reserved a seat for himself, next to me. He kept his bag on the seat and made it a point to keep a check that no one sat on that seat when he was with other people. We were secretly holding hands. I am not very open. Though, I am very bold and frank, but I don't believe in public display of affection. I don't want to look like an asshole in love. It doesn't suit my personality. Coming back, when we reached IIT, RV wanted to spend time with me and only me! He asked me to follow him to some secluded place. But Ahaan ( Do I need to mention that he is also an Anantian?) said he was going that way too and he would not mind accompanying us. But Ahaan, RV did mind! RV, indirectly, tried explaining things to Ahaan but Ahaan had no idea about what was going on. That situation was so comical, I couldn't help laughing. In the end, we did not get the chance to be alone. 

Later, during the jam session, RV took me to that secluded place. We sat there for more than an hour. He had become so emotional all of a sudden. He said that he did not want me to go and he was not happy that I was going. I had to force him to get up and join others. Later I felt bad that I did not give him the time he deserved. We reached back college at 8 in the night and went straight to our 'adda'. We clicked a lot of photographs and RV insisted that we got some nice pictures clicked together. He is changing. The lost guy I knew is actually be so romantic!

Well....I hope this was not our last day together. I just hope that RV misses me..

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