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The secret!

Today RV went shopping with me. And that, dearest diary, was the most annoying shopping session ever. I simply love shopping. Shopping brings me to life. It is actually my life. Whenever I am sad, I just shop and shop. And then I am perfectly fine again! And guys do not know anything about shopping. They just spoil the whole thing. So did RV. Thankfully, I had not planned to shop much. Otherwise I would have killed him for ruining it. Actually he would have never gone with me had he known that I was going shopping. He somehow misunderstood the whole thing. He thought we were just going to spend some time together. He was so pissed at me. But, he is sweet and nice to me all the time. Never does he complain much.

And you know what? He has got his name for the college trip registered. He didn't tell me that. That was supposed to be a surprise for me. But I came to know today. We were heading back home. We were sitting in the local bus. I received of message from Abhi. He said that he wanted to tell me a secret but said that I had to promise him that I would keep it safe. I obviously said yes. He would have told me anyways! His message was "RV will be joining us for the trip. He just wants to give you a surprise so he did not tell you. Please don't tell him that I told you. I just thought you should know." I seriously felt like dance after reading this message. I started smiling. RV asked me why was I smiling without a reason but I didn't tell him that I knew the big secret. Though I now know that Abhi is not good at keeping secrets.

I had never imagined that RV is such a romantic person and I am so special for him. Well, I have had boys drooling over me before but I never felt so good about someone doing something special for me. It just seems so right!

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