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The journey begins

We have reached Manali. I am sitting in the hotel room writing this. We started the journey yesterday. Yesterday was beautiful. I performed for the first time. We, the first years, gave our first ever performance! I cannot even explain the feeling. Performing in front of so many children...performing for a cause...I felt proud!

We didn't have much time after the performance to prepare for our trip to Manali. So all the 'Anantians' who were going on the trip rushed back to the college to make it in time. My house is near college so everybody had kept their belongings at my place. Palak, Suchit, Riya, Abhi, Aanchal, Kashif, Isha, Vasudha, me and...RV are a group! I finally told RV that I knew he was coming. He did not react much (as always) but he definitely did not like it. 

We all went to the college only to find out that the bus hadn't arrived yet. We were having fun. We clicked photographs,  we cracked jokes and were eagerly waiting for the journey to begin. At 4:30 in the evening the wait was finally over. We were on our way in a few minutes laughing, playing and singing. We had a great time in the bus. 

We all were standing in a row, singing when the bus stopped with a jerk. We all fell one over another. Everybody else started laughing on us. We quickly stood up. Kashif had fell on me so he was behind me. He hid himself behind me n pushed me forth to quickly occupy one of the seats to save himself from the embarrassment. That was so damn hilarious. We were all laughing hard afterwards.

As night fell, everybody started dozing off one after another. RV was sitting next to me. We were holding hands. After some time he started playing with my hands...I felt nice...After a while....I SLEPT! When I woke up in the morning, I could see a disgusted look on RV's face. We finally reached the hotel. We were given time to freshen up and now we are going to visit Rohtang pass. I don't know what it is, but I am enjoying the trip already. I have to go now. Everybody's waiting!

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