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Playing the game!

RV's behavior has changed towards me since my birthday (umm..or I assume?). He is friendlier. For the past few days our seniors have been so irritated with us because we keep on chatting all the time during the dram soc sessions. Yea Yea! I know that is bad because my main focus should be acting but what can I do when he talks! I cannot possible ignore him, right? Well, there is more! 

After sessions, many of the Anantians go to their permanent 'adda' to have a cup of tea and some moments with friends. Now I am an Anantian so it is my adda too. We sit for hours talking, laughing, sharing. No passerby ever walks away without looking and smiling at us at least once. No one minds our shouting there because the vendors seem to like us. I feel alive when I am there. We do what we want. We are never without company. RV also spends time with everyone though it takes him not less than two hours to reach his house.

Seniors have started linking us up. That is fun. RV and me! And the most astonishing thing is that he doesn't seem to mind it too. Instead, he has asked me to play along. Now, when we are with the seniors at our adda, we pretend as if we like each other. They know we are just pretending. But we do it for fun. Today we were sitting on a bench in the park and suddenly RV held my hand when he saw some seniors watching us and started talking to me as if planning for the future. For him it was drama, for me it was real! I felt a chill run down my spine as our fingers entwined. 

We have been playing this 'game' for days now but he held my hand for the first time. In fact, he is the kind of guy who would never let a random girl touch him. Few days back Isha tried hugging him. He drew himself away. He says he is not very 'hug friendly'. He doesn't even shake hands with most of the girls. He has never hugged a girl in college as far as I know. Then why did he hold my hand? Just to be in limelight? Or just to have some fun? Or something else? I even flirt with other guys to see if he gets jealous but he never seems to mind. I don't want to elevate my hopes but I can't help it. He doesn't know that I like him and the liking has grown with time. Yes, I am enjoying everything but still need to know his feelings. At least of one thing I am proud of. I have finally started liking someone seriously!! 

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