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The first day of college - 1st August, 2009 (Saturday)

"You know this guy in my class is so cute. He's got such an innocent face. OMG! He is my latest crush. I wish i had the guts to talk to him." Palak sighed as she excitedly told me about the happenings of the first day of college. Palak is my cousin. We have grown up together. We went to the same school, played together, joined the same summer classes and now have taken admission in the same college. But this time our courses are different. She, the studious one, had interest in and I opted for Journalism.
Yes, today was the first day of college. I woke up in high spirits but as soon as I entered college I was disappointed. But with a little hope left I made my way to my class. WTF..!?!? Most of my classmates are girls. This came as the biggest blow. I have to spend the next three years of my life with only girls in my class! I could see only two average looking guys sitting on the last desk. I decided there and then that college life was not going to be fun at all....atleast my first day wasn't!

But Palak's was...her keen interest in this guy made me wish to see him once. "What is his name?" I asked her with equal interest. "Rohan....Rohan Verma...Btw his friends call him RV!" She blushed. I could see sparkle in her eyes as soon as she took his name. "I'll introduce you to him tomorrow in college when you are free"  Palak almost shouted. Ha! Ha! This is the fourth time Palak has had a crush on someone. I know this girl very well. She won't ever be able to talk to him. This is what happened the last three times. And I, the exact opposite, know how to be friendly with guys. I have decided to make friends with this Rohan for my sister's sake...Hmmm...waiting for tomorrow. Let's see what has luck got in store for me!


  1. Oh! This sounds interesting. Can't wait for tomorrow :)

  2. =)
    Kept my attention till the last word.
    Let me see what Palak does next XD


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